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Meet the IAEIS President

Emerging technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence have reshaped industries driven by customer-centricity and new value creation in this new digital world. SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum was conceived to help business leaders understand the importance of the digital economy and its impact on competitiveness.

The unprecedented disruption by COVID-19 is accelerating the urgency for agility, adaptability and transformation. Therefore, it is pertinent for business leaders to understand the importance of digitally transformed enterprises in the marketplace in order to create new value for customers and new opportunities for their business.

There is so much to gain by attending SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum. At this time, we need to develop relationships and educate industry leaders so we can continue to grow and move forward during this period of the digital transition of the economy. The forum brings together industry thought leaders to help business leaders tackle this fundamental question of “How can I transform my organisation in this new digital economy?

Designed for industry leaders, the forum provides an ideal platform for you to be exposed to the critical awareness, guiding principles and tools to position yourself as a leader in the transformation of the digital age. There is power in being connected to other business leaders who are active in your line of work. Recognise that choosing whether to participate in SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum will impact your growth. Know that when two or more people begin to discuss topics more profoundly and personally, the event’s success to those involved becomes irreplaceable.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Ghasemi

Meet the Forum Chairman

Dennis Lewis is the Senior Retail Technology Consultant at Mike Ghasemi Research. He has over 30 years of experience as a CIO and in IT advisory and leadership roles. Dennis focuses on retail technology trends and innovations, assisting retail organizations with developing their technology strategy and digital transformation roadmap. As a CIO Advisor, he analyses and understands retail industry challenges and how technology can be applied to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency. An expert in prioritising technology investments to maximise value, Dennis’s mission is to help lead people and organisations on their digital and business transformation journey.

Dennis Lewis


An estimated 70% of new value created in the  economy over the next decade will be based on  digitally enabled platform business models.  However, 47% of the world’s population remain  unconnected to the internet.

Transformative leadership is a vital source of a  successful digital transformation. Most leadership  challenges are rooted in the lack of clarity in an  uncertain fast-moving digital world. This results  in a struggle to transform rapidly & effectively  to meet the volatile landscape of digital economy.

SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum helps business leaders tackle this fundamental question of “How can I transform my organisation into a digital one?” and provides them with proven insights to drive sustainable  digital transformation in their organization.

Designed for industry leaders, SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum provides an ideal platform for you to be exposed to the key awareness, guiding principles and tools to position your self as an agent of transformation in the digital age. Get ready to lead you and your organisation to new heights of value-creation.

4 KEY Questions

SESTECH Digital Leadership helps you to answer the key

Leadership Transformation questions.


Gain the latest Tools,

Frameworks and Insights

in Digital Leadership

Invited Featured Speakers

Director of Gordon Brothers

Chief Analyst & Digital Economist, Mike Ghasemi Research

Founder at Holia GmbH

Founder and Cyber Security Analyst

Meta-Coach & Meta-NLP Trainer

Target  Industries

You are a business leader, senior manager or entrepreneur in charge of developing or implementing a digital business transformation.

Forum Benefits

Digital leadership requires understanding how digital technologies and business models are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries.

  1. DEVELOP leadership abilities and actionable insights to  lead digital transformation in your organization
  2. LEARN how to empower people to experiment, innovate  and execute
  3. BUILD new strategies to tackle the challenges of technological  disruptions
  4. CONNECT with industry experts and thought leaders to  learn about the impact of digital disruption
  5. NETWORK with industry peers and foster partnerships for  business collaboration

Digital Leadership Workshop

SESTECH Leadership Workshops are designed to look at the  practical applications with regards to leadership transformation.  The workshops are set up to provide an atmosphere that  transform theory into practice whilst promoting interaction  between the workshop leaders and their participants.


Workshop Topic: The Transformative Digital Leader

This workshop provides the atmosphere for leaders to powerfully reflect on what it takes to lead in the face of uncertainty and rapid technology change. This workshop engages you as a leader with the 3 key principles of the mindset needed for effective digital leadership. The workshop exercises will kick-start you and your organisational initiatives with a truly agile and transformative mindset that thrives rather than just survive in this exciting new era of digitalization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organisations Executives and Digital Entrepreneurs across the globe find the SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum  to be the best platform to discover, learn and evolve their digital leadership capabilities.

Keeping your business name in front of decision-makers is crucial to building brand awareness and your long-term success. There’s no better way to do this than using the power of SESTECH to deliver your message to business professionals worldwide. SESTECH is an excellent platform to reach highly qualified buyers and build brand recognition.

Gain premium marketing exposure to a targeted group of C-level executives and companies ready to evaluate the products and services you offer. Experience the power of live marketing when you use SESTECH sponsorship opportunities as an integral component in your marketing mix.

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