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Effective leadership is the key to successful digital transformation. Most leaders believe in the ability of technology to bring transformative change to their organisation. But they also feel frustrated with how hard it is to get great results from new technologies. To create positive impact and foster a work environment that thrives on digital transformation, transformational leadership is vital.

SESTECH Leadership Forum helps industry leaders stay informed about the impact of technologies to their decision-making process. From using social media story-telling to inspire the audience, to creating personalised experiences for customers and continuous engagement to increase loyal customers and followers.

Designed for C-level executive, SESTECH Leadership Forum provides an ideal platform for thought leaders to share their knowledge and discuss the leadership issues affecting the digital transformation. In this forum, you will learn a clear roadmap that includes specific steps, techniques, and tools to make you the change agent. Get ready to assess your skills, master new strategies, and transform your leadership skills.

Digital transformation requires transformational leadership. Join us on 18th December 2019 at Tournament Players Club (TPC), Kuala Lumpur, as digital experts and industry leaders come together to discuss the importance of leadership transformation across industries, so companies can embrace change and innovate proactively.

SESTECH is an independent technology conference and expo to enhance companys’ competitiveness and resilience through digital transformation. SESTECH drives the adoption of technology among enterprises, providing knowledge and insight to help industry decision makers achieve business success.

SESTECH provides a platform for technology leaders and IT professionals to share the latest technology trends through a comprehensive educational program, including 6 industry breakouts and 2 full day conference focused on cloud computing, big data, information security, artificial intelligence, mobility, and all the most important topics shaping the future of global economy.

SESTECH is organized by IAEIS, the most trusted industry association for enterprise information systems adoption and education.

5 Reasons to Attend SESTECH

  1. CONNECT with industry advisors and thought leaders to learn about digital distruption
  2. GAIN actionable insights on how to transform your leadership through digital technologies
  3. IDENTIFY business opportunities in the new digital economy
  4. NETWORK with industry peers and foster partnerships for business collaboration
  5. EXPLORE leadership transformation and tackling some of the pitfalls which come with this change

SESTECH Keynotes and Presentations are designed to allow our thought leaders to address some of the most pressing issues of digital transformation for the businesses, their experience and what are the immediate action plans.

SESTECH Workshops look at practical aspects of Leadership transformation and specific set of challenges. The workshop setup allows our workshop leaders to have interactive sessions with the audience.

Ready to digitally transform your business?

About MySatori Workshop

The workshops will provide a clear understanding why smart organisations fail and only healthy organisations can have the key competitive advantage. In addition it will help the audience to understand what transformational leadership skills are needed to build a healthy organisation. It will also explore how the risks in the fast-paced digital environment require bold leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to assess your leadership and the health of your organisation.
  2. How to transform your smart organisation into a healthy and smart one.
  3. How to lead in the rapidly changing digital ecosystem.

About TRIZ Workshop

The TRIZ workshop will focus on solving challenges to grow business while driving digital transformation. The participants will identify sources of growth and transformation limitations. TRIZ tools will be introduced to solve the inherent contradictions between the conflicting factors. It aims to assist organizations to formulate the most promising strategies to achieve change and growth.

The workshop is segmented into two sessions.  The first session will explore the growth stages of the organizations. It will guide the participants to understand the best principle of operation before and after transformation. Appropriate TRIZ tools will be introduced to showcase how to solve inventive problems. The second session will expand the strategies to achieve change and growth. The forecasting technique derived from the study of patents will be used to guide the projection. The ultimate goal is to increase market share, direct customer engagement, and a competitive edge.