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The global business landscape is in the midst of hyper-accelerated digital transformation. Virtualization, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain have brought huge changes to the business landscape, impacting the ecosystem of vendors, developers and end-users. Our goal is to bring focus to the opportunities that digitalisation can provide, as well as the specific steps business leaders must consider when adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Digital Leadership Forum 2022 will be an inspiring event with a great selection of guest speakers sharing their thoughts and practical case studies. For this year, we will be featuring over 22 speakers, addressing various actionable steps on accelerating the rate of digital adoption and effectively harnessing the power of digitisation to improve business productivity and competitive advantages.

We are eager to work with speakers and panellists who will reignite, engage and inspire our delegates. More details can be found on our Call to Speakers page, which includes topics and a registration form for prospective speakers.

The SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum 2022 is designed as a platform to help industry leaders to stay ahead of the technology curve and build an intelligent, agile and sustainable organisation.
If you are interested in presenting at SESTECH Digital Leadership Forum 2022, please submit your details at the following link and a member of our team will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.