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Why Attend SESTECH

5 Reasons to Attend SESTECH

  1. CONNECT with industry advisors and technology leaders to learn about digital distruption
  2. GAIN actionable insights on how to transform your business through digital technologies
  3. IDENTIFY business opportunities in the new digital economy
  4. NETWORK with industry peers and foster partnerships for business collaboration
  5. EXPLORE technology advancements from service providers

SESTECH 2019 provides an ideal platform for business owners and IT professionals to share knowledge and discuss the real issues on the challenge and opportunities of digitising businesses.

SESTECH Keynotes & Presentations

Our keynotes and presentations are designed to allow thought leaders to address some of the most pressing issues for businesses, share their experiences and discuss their immediate action plans. View Featured Presentations

SESTECH Workshops

Our workshops look at practical aspects of implementing technologies to address specific challenges. The workshop setup allows our workshop leaders and panelists to have interactive sessions with the audience. View Schedule