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Conference Tracks

SESTECH 2019’s conference program is divided into six themed tracks that are vital to every hospitality, travel and retail organisation, providing both strategic and practical advice across IT disciplines.

Take advantage of two days’ worth of educational programs in over 30 sessions offering a comprehensive selection of technology topics. You’ll learn from leading analysts, consultants, technology experts and a variety of your peers. The SESTECH 2019 conference program is designed to help you focus on the challenges that are most important to you. We have organised the SESTECH 2019 conference tracks based on customer journey and experience, so conference participants can easily discern the presentations that are of greatest relevance and interest.

Day One Tracks

Track A: Attract & Inspire

Digital media is becoming one of the key technologies to attract customers across different channels. This track will provide you with actionable information about how technology can impact customer’s shopping journey and how social channels and AI-driven analysis pose both opportunities and challenges. You’ll come away with an understanding of best practices, new obstacles, and cost-efficient methods for attracting and inspiring your customers. 

Featured Presentations:
  • Storytelling through Digital Channels
  • Understanding the Power of Content & Video
  • Understanding the Traveller’s Decision Making Process

Track B: Convert & Engage

Learn about new technological advances your business can use to convert and engage your customers and deliver value more effectively. This track will include topics such as customer experience, artificial intelligence, smart operations, Internet of Things, dynamic pricing, and how organisations are leveraging these developments to gain advantage and upsell their services. You’ll learn about creating customer experience, as well as engaging your customers across different digital channels. 

Featured Presentations:

Track C: Retain & Grow

Successful businesses need strategies to retain and grow existing clients, while also attracting new clients. Sessions in this track will help you understand the strategic role that technology may play across your communications and operational environment, and how you can best leverage digital tools today and in the future. The track will also update you on post-stay retention strategies and the importance of cybersecurity and customer privacy protection topics.

Featured Presentations:
  • Post Holiday Retention Strategies
  • Is Customer Loyalty Dead?
  • Privacy Protection & Data Protection in Retail

Day Two Tracks

Track A: Future Retail

Is it really the end of physical stores? Retail is evolving quickly and merging into one unified platform providing a seamless digital experience to consumers. In this track you will learn what the future of retail will become as a result of changing customer behaviour, and reimagined stores and supply chains. Speakers will present key strategies in how to maximise the digital store of the future, including bridging online and offline, bringing digital experience to live, made to order business models, unmanned/automated stores and the implementation of innovative technologies.

Featured Presentations:
  • Bridging Offline & Online
  • Unmanned & Automated Stores
  • Using Technology in Visual Retailing

Track B: Travel Retail

Travel retail, and airport retail has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past few years but is yet to fully exploit the potential of digital to engage and retain travellers. A number of travel retailers are investing in ways to make the airport shopping experience more convenient, adopting new pre-order and payment technology to provide a seamless shopping experience. The track will explore how travel retail can bridge the digital gap between travellers and the industry by identifying ‘micro-moments’, utilising omni channels and innovative technologies like big-data, AI, AR/VR and IoT.

Featured Presentations:
  • Creating Experience for Travellers Through Omni-channels
  • Getting Ready for the “Micro-Moments”
  • The Unique Customer Story in Travel Retail

Track C: Innolab

InnoLab is an innovation powerplant inspiring and leading entrepreneurs to generate digitally disruptive ideas by providing a conducive ecosystem for them to thrive and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and through a network of highly-curated coaches and advisors.

We provide coaching and insights to entrepreneurs, helping them to gain better visibility prior to launching their products. We also equip entrepreneurs with leadership skills, creative thinking, and decision making. This track provides an opportunity for technopreneurs to meet and present their ideas to VCs and potential investors.