A Message from the President


In our busy social media crazy world, we often forget the importance of being in a live face-to-face setting with others from industry community and peer groups. SESTECH was conceived with the aim to help companies bridge their digital gap. In addition, SESTECH helps technology professionals to find out in detail what industries are looking for when it comes to technology. It is pertinent for technology providers to understand the needs and requirements of companies before offering them in the market so as to deliver solutions that are tailored for those specific needs of them. 

There is so much to gain by attending SESTECH 2019, but finding the time away from the office, the location of the conference, or money can make it challenging to participate, which can make it easy to talk yourself out of committing to SESTECH 2019 and attending this exclusive industry meeting. However, it is at SESTECH where we can bring together industry leaders and technology experts as one body to communicate the needs of the industry. It is at this time that we need to develop relationships and educate industry leaders so we can continue to grow and move forward during this period of digital transition of the economy. 

Understand that SESTECH is an investment to educate yourself about technology trends and enhance your companys’ competitiveness through utilising technology brings the fact that you need to register and participate at all levels. It is easy to falsely believe that social media, the Internet, and one’s involvement at one level more than the other might constitute that attending SESTECH 2019 may seem unnecessary. There is power in being connected to other people who are active in your line of work. Recognize, that choosing whether to participate in SESTECH conference will impact your growth. Know that when two or more people begin to discuss topics on a deeper and personal level, the success of the event to those involved becomes irreplaceable. It is the people that decide if SESTECH will be successful and the reason to attend. 

If you still are undecided about attending I ask that you please consider the five reasons you should attend the SESTECH 2019.

  • CONNECT with industry advisors and technology leaders to learn about digital disruption
  • GAIN actionable insights on how to transform your business through digital technologies
  • IDENTIFY business opportunities in the new digital economy
  • NETWORK with industry peers and foster partnerships for business collaboration
  • EXPLORE technology advancements from service providers

Sincerely yours,

Mike Ghasemi