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This IDC Retail Insights Perspective provides an overview of the Omni-Channel Retailing Conference (OCRC) 2017, held in Hong Kong on June 13 and 14. The OCRC is in its sixth year and co-located with the Retail Asia Expo. Over 50 delegates from retail, technology, and digital marketing companies gathered to share the latest insights, trends, and challenges that disrupt the retail industry. “Over the past eight years since IDC first introduced the omni-channel concept, retailers are still struggling with how to

As commodity prices are under pressure, mining companies globally are looking for ways to save and reduce operating costs wherever they can. Parallel, productivity improvement is on top of the list of many mining companies wanting to make sure they continue to maintain or increase shareholder’s value. As such, enterprise mobility has become one of the key focus areas in the mining industry given that the lines between consumer and enterprise technologies are continuing to blur. Here are some of