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<Track B: Convert and Engage/>

Creating the Customer Experience Before they Arrive

Day 1, Track B: Convert and Engage

Mike Ghasemi, 1:30pm-2:00pm

The guest experience begins well in advance of a stay. Mike Ghasemi lays out the importance of creating a seamless guest arrival experience and explains why hotel’s guest experience begins even before one arrives on your property. He also describes that personalisation of a guest’s experience is no longer an option and hoteliers need to make the move now to be a step ahead of the competition.


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About the Speaker

Mike Ghasemi is the founder and chief analyst of Mike Ghasemi Research Pte Ltd. He is one of APAC’s most respected retail and hospitality industry futurists, analysing trends and the use of emerging technologies to digitally transform organisations. His intellectual work and thinking have covered topics as broad as omnichannel strategy, cross-border e-commerce, supply chain management, customer engagement and in-store technologies, and influenced many of the region’s best-known retail organisations. Mike Ghasemi’s mission is to stimulate the understanding of digital transformation in the industry.