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SESTECH Objectives

SESTECH provides an ideal platform for IT professionals to share knowledge and discuss the real issues affecting the SMEs around the world.

SESTECH workshops look at practical aspects on enterprise technology solutions, how companies can benefit, the value proposition, and the impact on business operation.

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 Digital Transformation for SMEs

 Cloud Adoption for SMEs: Taking the Guesswork out of Infrastructure Planning & Resource Management.

 xaaS: Is It Time Someone Makes Sense of This to SMEs?

 Social Media: How to Be a Master in Deploying Social Media for SMEs.

 Mobility & Mobile-First Strategies.

 Wireless Technology: Best-In-Class Deployment for Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

 Building Loyalty through Digital Transformation.

 Does IT Drive Marketing or Vice Versa?

 The Death of Traditional Retail, and Lessons to be Learnt.

 Human Capital Management for Digital Transformation: Insource or Outsource? Challenges & Opportunities?

 Information Security for SMEs: Considerations for Implementation.

 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Best Practices for an Efficient Operation.